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Total Guitar

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Mastering Engineer's Featured Artists

A small selection of Mastering Engineer's favourite tracks from some amazing artists, musicians, songwriters and composers. Hover over each artist to see what they say about us.
DJ Calz
"Tracks sound great, fantastic as always - the lesser reverb was the best of the two on the unplugged, really came out great - thanks so much - can't wait for the next batch. It still amazes me you can do so much with this mastering."
Artist: DJ Calz
Track: Before I Fall 
Sons Of December Fire
"Just listened to it twice and it sounds awesome, I can hear everything, no visible mistakes, nothing out of place, everything cuts through like it should, it pumps through my speakers".
Artist: Sons Of
Track: Hold On
Chris Calamera
"Luke is a top talent with an unreal set of skills to take projects to the next level with ease - I've been working with him for 5 years now on various items, and all work is done extremely well within the timelines. Top notch service at all times!"
Artist: Chris Calemera
Track: The Magic In You
Tonight We Fly Band
"Luke did amazing work for us, it was the first recording we did as a band that sounded truly professional. He's certainly getting more work from us in the future."
Artist: Tonight We Fly
Track: Lights Out
One Thousand Tons
"It was a million times better working with you than the other guy we'd recording with! Thanks again. We listened to it down the studio tonight on the PA. Three thumbs up!"
Artist: One Thousand Tons
Track: In My Soul
Jon Hutchingson
"As usual, I'm very pleased with the end product, delivery is quick, on time and the service is professional and friendly. I've worked with Luke at Mastering Engineer since I began my music career and I doubt I'll be changing to a new producer anytime soon."
Artist: Jon Hutchingson
Track: Edge Of The Known Universe

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